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Chem 113
Experimental Chemistry

Chemsitry Questions and Comments

If you have problems in Chem 113, your first resource should be your TA. Check the TA Information page (linked on the Home page) for their office hours, their email addresses, the sections they teach, etc.

If you need assistance with homework and are unable to make arrangements with your TA, come to the resource room and get help from another TA. First, check the TA Resource Room Hours page (linked on the Home page) to be sure there is a Chem 113 TA on duty.

If you still have chemistry related questions, please contact

Other Contact information:

Undergraduate Chemistry Office

For Drop/Add and other Administrative details contact:

Lacey Rigg
Office: 210 Whitmore
Phone: 863-3261

Director of Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratories

Dr. Joseph T. Keiser
Office: 211C Whitmore
Office hours are by appointment and will normally be held in the "cubicle" on the first floor of Whitmore.