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Chem 113
Experimental Chemistry


Lab Reports

Experiments 9, 13, 14, 15,16 and 18 will require reports that can usually be completed in lab. Some of the labs will contain short homework assignments. These assignments should be completed in labs if time allows, or completed at home if you run out of time in lab. The reports will be due either at the end of lab, or at a time to be announced, often a day or two after the experiment is completed.

Instead of a report for Experiment 5, a quiz will be given at the beginning of the following lab period. The quiz and a graphing exercise will count as your experiment 5 report grade. (Note: There will not be an Experiment 18 pre-lab quiz).

Instead of an in-lab report for Experiment 19, you will be asked to submit a formal type-written report.

Late Lab Reports Policy

Significant late penalties will result for lab notebooks that are not handed in on the due date. Reports received one week late have a 25 point penalty.

Reports that are more than one week late will not be accepted.


There will be short quizzes given at the beginning of most lab periods according to the schedule on the inside cover. These cover the major points of the experiment of the day. Students who arrive late for lab (i.e., after the quiz has been collected) will receive a zero on that quiz. Contained in your packet are outlines of what you should know for each quiz.

There will also be a cumulative lab test given on the last day of lab. An outline of what will be covered on this exam is contained in this packet.

Instructor Evaluation

The instructor will assign a grade to each student based on his/her perception of the student's overall performance in the lab. This will include the use of the laboratory notebook, attitude, independence and technique.

Lab Monitoring

Each student will be assigned one day for which he/she is responsible for lab monitoring. This will normally entail an end of the period clean-up of the shared areas such as the sinks, balances and the chemical supply area.

The Final Grade

clear spacer   Lab Reports:clear spacer   50%
clear spacer   Prelab Quizzes:clear spacer   15%
clear spacer   Lab Test:clear spacer   25%
clear spacer   Instructor Evaluation:clear spacer   10%
clear spacer   100%

Teaching Assistants

Most of the time you will be working with a Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA). Your TA will supervise your work in the laboratory and grade your reports and quizzes. The final grading decisions, however, will be made by Dr. Keiser.