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Here are the best "light" contributions from students of organic chemistry:  


You have overdone your study of organic chemistry, if...

  • while tanking up your car, you worry whether isooctane is chiral
  • you ask your date to spend some time with you in 211 Whitmore
  • you cannot remember what's behind the door labeled "Exit" in the lecture hall in Forum 
  • you check pH in your washing machine because you do not want to hydrolyze your delicate polyesters
  • you try to impress your parents by demonstrating the chair flip without your cyclohexane model
  • you can figure out what is going on in class
  • your idea of sweet dreams involves visualizing absolute stereochemistry of all aldohexoses
  • you enjoy the tingling from acetone evaporating from your hands.
  • you can intelligently use the word "deuterated" in a sentence
  • while watching "Jeopardy" you realize that organic chemistry knowledge is too serious to be trivia check the TV show
  • while browsing through "Playboy" you have only oxidative cleavage on your mind
  • you look over at the guy sitting next to you and all you can think is "back side attack"
  • you are planning to drop out of school and form a band called "Chirality"
  • you wonder if "Honeycomb" cereal is aromatic or antiaromatic
  • you make your model of butane do strange things to cyclohexane
  • you look at your pet poodle and it looks strangely similar to a model of butane
  • you consider time away from your loved one "anti-bonding"
  • you disapprove of your roommate's furniture positioning by yelling "I have enough of this steric strain"
  • you secretly practice instructor's "backside attack" dance
  • you start thinking about moving to Brazil, hoping that you will feel less strain there because of your equatorial position
  • you insist that your driving directions be given to you in terms of the absolute (R, S) configurations
  • you change your screen saver from a "Fish tank" to "Flying tetrahedrons"
  • suddenly the instructor seems like someone you would like to hang out with on the weekends
  • you realize that you can never do too much organic chemistry
  • you are reading the comments of other students and find them hysterically funny
  • you strongly feel that the Florida elections should have been run under thermodynamic control
  • you start to enjoy it
  • you have a blow-up of the instructor on your dorm wall, and secretly light candles and pray to it at night hoping your roommate doesn't wake up and catch you praying to the "dark gods of chemistry"
  • the devil keeps tempting you to study biology instead
  • you decide to name your first child Grignard, after your favorite chemist
  • you get an irresistible urge to go to class
  • you greet people by saying, "Hi, my name is Bond, Pi Bond... "
  • in the morning, you ask your roommates if they'd like their eggs scrambled or sp3-hybridized
  • you leave your organic chemistry books laying about your coffee table as conversation starters
  • you actually go to your other classes, but only as an excuse not to study organic chemistry anymore
  • you make the "News and Updates" your home page
  • you start wearing molecular model of benzene as your ankle bracelet
  • listening to the instructor lecture becomes the funniest part of your day
  • you are ready to bet that it was Shakespeare who wrote: "Hybridize or not to hybridize, this is the question"
  • when a girl you meet at the club says that she is a model, you ask: "What kind, space-filling or ball-and-stick?"
  • you fill out a change-of-address form to "108 Forum, Curtin Road"
  • you cannot decide what organic molecule you should be for Halloween this year



You are welcome to contribute you own funny lines. We will include the best ones here.

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