The Marvin applets are developed by ChemAxon.   We use them here with their kind permission.  

It is simple to use: just start drawing! Once you have a structure, you can "play" with it:
  • To clean up structures select Structure -> Clean 2D
  • To save the drawing as a graphic file to be used as an attachment in our Organic Discussions  select: File -> Save as Image -> JPEG
  • To view the drawn molecules in 3D select: View -> Open Marvin 3D
  • To view various conformation of a drawn compound, in 3D Viewer select: Tools -> Conformations -> Conformers
  • To view resonance structures select: Tools -> Other -> Resonance
  • To assign absolute configuration labels select: View -> Stereo > R/S -> All (or E/Z)
  • To name a compound (including stereochemistry) select: Tools -> Naming
  • To draw stereoisomers (tetrahedral centers and double bonds only) choose: Tools -> Isomers -> Stereoisomers
  • To clear all structures select: File -> Clear Desk

To view Instructions select "Help" or click the question mark.


  • There is no guarantee that all conformational minima are going to be found by the applet, and in some cases the lowest energy conformation might be selected incorrectly by the algorithm used by the program.
  • In drawing resonance structures, equivalent structures are not repeated.
  • MarvinSketch is able to assign absolute stereochemistry to stereogenic centers.  Chiral shapes are not recognized.
  • You may download a fully functional free-standing MarvinSketch with interesting calculational tools directly from ChemAxon.


Marvin Applets Last updated 02/28/12 Copyright 1997-2013
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