Copies of old exams (multiple choice) are available here in the format that can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat.

 These practice exams (based on old exams) are representatives of what to expect on the actual tests in terms of  the level of difficulty, coverage of the material, and type and format of questions. The exams contain a typical cover page. We also include some tables of data with the exams. These may vary from exam to exam. The periodic table is always provided. The most recent exams are at the bottom of the table. Every year a few questions may appear that are in a new format.


 The training sets of questions (from old exams) are arranged approximately in the order the material is covered in the course. They should be used for practice on regular basis, in addition to the assigned end-of-chapter problems.  Although, the questions follow the course plan, the coverage and balance of topics do not represent typical exams.  Training set IV can be used throughout the semester, or as a review tool for the final or make up exams.


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